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Digital shop Style Hatch is proud to debut Society, a flexible and simple grid theme with a handsome lightbox view.

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    Theme Versions

    Society 1.0.7 | 03.20.13

    • Fixing a bug in IE that caused issues with rendering the grid
    • Fixed an issue where certain blog language settings would cause Javascript errors.

    Society 1.0.6 | 03.18.13

    • Updated theme to support the new Twitter Widget
    • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify

    Society 1.0.5 | 02.20.2013

    • Updated the video embed feature to address Tumblr’s most recent changes.

    Society 1.0.2 | 11.27.12

    • Fixed various issues with the iPad and iPhone layouts when the faded post preview option is turned on
    • Added a link to the new Instagram profile
    • Fixed the theme icons in Internet Explorer

    Society 1.0.1 | 09.28.2012

    • Added the social sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus! The mobile layout no longer incorrectly fades out. We added support for the new Tumblr video player and a number of fixes. Send your feature requests and suggestions to [][1]

    Society 1.0.0 | 09.11.2012

    • The first version of Society has been submitted to Tumblr.